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I-cord by the yard

I bought the I-cord maker that Prudence Mapstone recommended in her workshop. Our new Joann’s had one–and only one, so I jumped at it. I’ve made yards and yards while catching up on my TV series, and I have no idea what I will do with it. Don’t you like the lovely picture?

Oops. @&?!:@!!! That’s what I said as my camera hit the floor lens first when I was taking a picture of it. Now the camera says “Lens error” if you try to take a picture.

Hence the dilemma. Try to get it fixed or buy a new one? I hope turtlegirl76 is reading this; she will be a good source of info. Anyone else have a digital that you love?

The old one was heavy, used batteries which was a plus when in another country, but I don’t plan on going anywhere soon, and had a very scratched up screen because I didn’t take care of it as I should have. Sounds like I want a new one, doesn’t it?

The kitchen is finished and we still love it. I am stymied at hanging the pictures. Lots of wall and lots of pictures equal lots of decisions. Then the hanging will require detailed measuring and I am dreading it. Hope I get them up by 2013.

I am knitting. Not secret this time. I’m working on the brioche project for Kate and a pair of socks for me. These socks have been a long time coming. I’m using turtlegirl76’s Breaking Hearts pattern and the yarn MissBabs dyed in honor of the first Sock Summit. Both are fabulous.

The yarn, which you can’t see here, has 3-4″ color repeats which the pattern blends beautifully. The twisted cuff is fun and feminine, and the cuff pattern is easy, but interesting enough not to let me get bored. That is very important! When I get bored, I start to diddle with the pattern and that isn’t always a good thing.

I’m also sewing. I made a zipper bag yesterday, sort of a travel bag, about 8×10″. I quilted it, and couched some threads on it, added some beads. It is too messy to give away, but It resulted in a discovery. Aha!

You need to do all your decorating before attaching the lining if you want a really professional look. I spent some time painting and stamping a piece of batik and really like the totally unplanned effect. Sorry no picture.

Congratulations to my Aussie friends, Mark Webber won the Brazilian Grand Prix to end the Formula 1 season.

To those interested in Jan Smiley’s Fiber Frolic–Jan called yesterday and is making some interesting plans for us. Nothing definite yet, but we should all know something soon.

Off to Google cameras

More later–


11 Responses

  1. Hi Jane – you must have been inspired at Knitting Camp to do some brioche; so sorry I had to miss another one.

    BTW – what is the brand of this wonderful i-cord maker.

  2. Get a new camera. I’m partial to Canons, but that’s a hold over from film days and my beloved AT-1. This time of year all the tech review sites will have their Christmas recommendations up.
    For the kind of stuff you want to do, I think you’d want one with a good macro setting.

  3. Great question. It is called Embellish-knit! By BondAmerica. http://www.bond-america.com

    It works much better than the one I had some years ago, and only cost about $20.

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Where is the new Joann’s? I can’t wait to see how you’ll creatively use all the i-cord.

  5. Bought the Canon ELPH 300HS and it will be fine. A great review on CNET. It’s tiny. No matter the quality of the camera, I will take a mediocre picture and Meghan, DD2, will take a great one. It’s about the eye.

  6. one thing that caught me for the longest time with my first digital is you half press the shutter button to get the focus, then press fully for the shot. with film I way always taught to press firmly to avoid shaking the camera. getting used to the half press full press did worlds of good for me.

  7. I was reading about that this afternoon. I don’t pay enough attention to that. I’m too busy trying to hold the camera still. I’m going to practice

    Sent from my iPad

  8. Hey Jane,
    As soon as i read about your poor camera, I immediately decided to post “NO POSTING WITHOUT PICS” , but I see you took care of that.
    Your posts are so interesting and the pics give a nice, entertaining finishing touch 🙂
    For camera shake, stabilize your arms by keeping them with your elbows pressed in close to your body. That should help to reduce that shake.

  9. Thanks, Carol, I will work on it.

    Sent from my iPad

  10. Dearest Jane,

    Can you tell me about the Fiber Frolic? I have some good DVDs on pattern fitting by Cynthia Guffey if anyone wants to do some fitting fun. Take care and best to your family.


  11. I’m glad you bought a Canon. I’m on my fourth…

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