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Happy Holidays.  Mine have certainly been.  Yes, I’m still frantically making things as fast as I can.  Look on it as a science experiment.  I have definitely proven my hypothesis that you don’t have to be good at something in order to make something pretty and have a blast doing it.  I call it Prater’s Law.

Here’s the latest news—

Some stencilingGears stenciling

Steve, my engineer husband, likes it.  He even gave me some more of Julie Fei-Balzer’s stencils for Christmas.  Check out her website.  She offers a free class in stenciling that is quite good.  I like her work.  She isn’t afraid of messy.

Some hairpin lace–

Sandy Harris at Charlotte Yarn showed me how to do this.  Stitch Diva website has some trendy patterns that use this technique.  I still have it on my cheap and not so easy to use “loom” and it will probably stay there until next Christmas.  I’m not a good candidate to wear this; I’ll catch it on everything I pass.  But I’m glad I’ve tried it.

Making print fabric–

MacIntosh inspired drawings


Take a Sharpie and some white fabric and make your own print fabric.  Draw, trace, scribble, write sayings—then do something with it.

I used some of mine to make appliques for the black linen dishtowels I made Steve for the new kitchen.  Not earth shaking but he likes them.

Some tag art—

Tag Art

This one used markers and hangs on the kitchen cabinet that houses stuff too tall for the other cabinets—cereal and booze mainly.  I also made my gift tags for Christmas.  Only the 6 year old noticed them; well, actually my son-in-law took a long look at his, but I’m sure he was thinking “What the . . . ?”  I keep him pretty confused.

Matte making—

Framing things

Some of the art for the kitchen—no, it still hasn’t been hung—just had ugly mattes.  I used some natural linen I bought at Ikea and covered them.  They look super.  This Schiele is a fave of Steve’s.  We put it in the den.  Now I’m eyeballing all the pics, most of which are propped against a wall somewhere.  The curse of plaster walls.  You can’t make a mistake or move stuff around too much.


Dawg as in UGA print

Zachary is getting a pillowcase.  Evan got a Santa one.  This is a UGA theme.  Sneaky Nana is setting them up to remember when they go to bed that she loves them.  Of course, you have to be prepared for a less than enthusiastic reception for this gift from the under 10 set.  It gives them a chance to practice being gracious when you don’t really feel like it.  Here’s a link to a simple pillowcase tutorial.

Lots more sewing projects, but they will have to wait til another time.  And some photo taking.

I’ll promise to do better with the blog in the coming year.  I haven’t even mentioned my knitting—and I am knitting.

More later–

2 Responses

  1. I LOVE the fabric. Merry Christmas JP!

  2. Hi Jane,

    Happy New Year! Loved the stenciling – looks very cool.

    Like you, I did pillowcases (flannel for those cold winter nights here) for my kids and others. Another cool site to visit for other pillowcase designs and techniques is allpeoplequilt.com, the million pillowcases challenge – there are many free patterns and the ‘roll it up’ pattern is easy and gives a lovely no seams finish on the edge.

    Happy knitting and creating in 2012!

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