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Manipulating your mother-in-law

Your first impulse might be that I am a Duke fan.  Not so.  I am a spiral notebook fan.  It is a sickness.  When I taught high school, I wrote a lot of recommendations for students, but I charged for them.  If you got into that school, you owed me a spiral notebook with the school name when you came home on vacation.  I got lots of them and loved each one.  I love them when they have no writing in them—except the note the student often left. Plain white paper is a favorite.  I actually have been known to stroke the stuff.  Enough about my psychosis except to say that Paul, my SIL, knows about this.    So when he took his family to Durham for a Duke game during Christmas, he and Zachary brought me the above.

He should have.  Look what else he brought me over Christmas.

This is the first sock I ever knit for him.  The mate looked even worse.  Darning is not going to be possible, but he looked so hopeful when he asked if I could somehow save them.  I have to try.

I remembered reading about Elizabeth Zimmerman’s replaceable heel somewhere, sometime.  I researched starting with my favorite sock reference, Folk Socks by Nancy Bush.  Yep, in the first chapter or so is a section about various sock heels.  The Peasant heel is what I needed.  Sort of.  I think.

This is heel that you knit the same way you knit a toe.  So I threaded a needle and wove waste yarn through all the stitches surrounding the heel.  Then I cut the old heel away and picked out the stitches.  Turns out I had a lot more stitches on the sole than on the instep.  This sock is so old I have no idea what I was trying to do or why the stitch difference, but I do know how to get rid of stitches——-K2TOG.

I attached a new sock yarn from my treasured scrap basket and knit one row around the huge hole I had created.  As I knit across the sole, I decreased evenly 12 stitches.  This may present a big problem but I’m going with it–at least for now.

Plan A is to knit a toe but to decrease the stitches at a slower rate.  I will report.

I also plan to go to the Replaceable Heel concept for the future socks I knit for Paul.  He does love my socks so much that I just have to knit him some.

I even named a design after him which has a fantastic sole concept to support your feet.  He is special.

3 Responses

  1. That’s a very cool looking sole on your Paulie’s Socks.
    I’ve used a peasant heel before, as an afterthought heel. Yours will be a much later afterthought! There’s a bit of experimentation to make sure you don’t end up with a nipple on the back of your heel, but when you get it figured, you know what to do for the other foot. Good luck!

  2. Very intriguing foot pattern. Even motivated me to buy the knitcircus pattern collection to get yours. Have been in a real knitting slump. This pattern may be just the one to pull me out of it. Can’t wait to try it.

  3. Do ask if you have an questions. Hope you like them as much as we do.

    Sent from my iPad

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