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Stuff I’ve Been Making

Malabrigo Rasta Cowl

I’ve been upstairs in the studio just making stuff for the past week or so.  Some good, some mediocre, a lot unfinished, all fun.  Above is a cowl I made out of some gorgeous Malabrigo Rasta—forgot the colorway.  I tried mixing it with some solid yarn and knitting 4 or 5 types of patterns.  Didn’t like any of them.  Finally I just cast on 54 stitches, joined it, and knitted seed stitch until I had just enough left to bind off.  About 4 yards I think.  Used a size 19 needle which gave it a great drape.  Took about 1.5 hours.  I love it.

Bella's New Collar

Copied a bracelet pattern in a library book to make Bella a new collar.

Tags--1st layer of paint

I’ve labeled many drawers and cabinets with these tags and it seems to be helping me keep things put away.  If you can put a label on it, that means you have assigned it a place.  My problem is the assigning, not the putting in.

wire wrapped ribbon necklace

I love winding wire.  This was wound around a size 4 knitting needle and then I threaded the ribbon through it.  I did make the bangle by coiling the wire with nylon pliers.  The wire is copper art wire coated in blue and silver.  Cheap and soft.  Great practice wire.

Zentangle Coaster

I took up Zentangling last year.  I love pen and ink and I can’t draw squat, as my mom would have said.  This is the only visual art I know where you don’t have to have any talent to be successful.  Mainly, you just zone out and relax.  Google it.  I used Mod Podge and some strange varnish for tole painting that I had been given.  Looks great—just don’t put anything hot on it.  It sticks to the hot thing.  Guess I need a different varnish.

Art journal page to be--maybe

Another project for the untalented artist who just wants to have fun:  paint background paper.  Just choose colors you like and glop it on.  Then you can add stuff, like scrapbook pages or Zentangles. Evan and I painted some newsprint and used it to wrap presents.  It’s great to shock folks with.  They ask what are you painting and you reply Paper.  It confuses them.  <smile>

Balzer 12 inch stencil

When I use stencils, I just make a mess.  This was a gift from DH and I had fun making this.  It might become the cover for a small notebook.

Beaded fabric cuff

I’m really enjoying making these fabric cuffs.  I have a favorite that I wear often.  When I first saw people wearing these, I thought they were dumb.  (When will I ever learn that every time I say that I wind up eating those words?)  I love that the bracelet is colorful, and light, and even can be warming.  I’ve made a bunch.

Sheep earrings with Bella Baby

These sheep with Bella Baby stamped into them were on ebay.  I could not resist getting them and making earrings.  I need to add one to Bella’s new collar.

That’s not all, but you are probably bored by now.  Anyway, this explains where I’ve been for 10 days.

More later–


3 Responses

  1. Jane – You forgot to mention “knitting baby item for little Helen” on your list of projects… 😉

  2. You have been busy! And I’m very taken with the tangled zen…

  3. Jane.. love the zen tangled.. keep exploring.. it looks like fun!

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