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Finished things to share

I have finished the vest I was knitting, but haven’t sewn it yet, nor taken pictures.  I mention this just so you will know that I still am knitting.  I do have some pictures from my online Letter Love 101 class with Joanne Sharpe.  You can spend almost as much money on markers and inks and pastels as you can on needles and stitch holders and stitch markers.  Just so you know.

Tangling with a small quote added.

I really enjoyed doing this over the last few weeks.  I painted the background with every kind of paint I could find around the house.  The acrylic is hard to draw over, but it may just be that I need to thin it.  So much to learn.

Painted with an expired credit card instead of a brush.

This was great fun.  I just squirted some paint several places on the page and then drug an old credit card across it.  You just drag the paint around until it doesn’t drag anymore.  It goes on very thin so dries almost instantly.  (Hair dryer works great here.)  It was so different from anything I had ever done and yet came out looking wonderfully abstract.  I really just laughed out loud the whole time.  Delight–that was the feeling.  You have to try this.  Paint a paper plate.  Get a six year old to help you and laugh out loud.

Lesson 9--writing in circles

First you need a compass–one of those tools from geometry class.  Michael’s has a nice one for $14.00.  I bought the $1.49 one at the drug store.  It didn’t work very well, but I didn’t care.  I want to learn lettering to communicate ideas in a fun way.  You have to be able to easily read the ideas or you won’t be very communicative.  I did learn from this technique, but probably won’t use it very often.  But I do own a compass if you need one.  I also have discovered that Einstein said some really clever things other than E=mc squared.  (Don’t have time right now to look up how to make a superscript on WordPress.  I’ll probably use that technique about as much as I’ll use the compass.)

Lesson 10--Delightfully Doodled Alphas

This was fun.  It is brighter than my picture.  I used one of the credit card pages.  I also used some metallic Gelly pens and my Zentangling skills, such as they are.  The dogwood blossoms are a new thing for me.  I love them.  I think the reason I love them is that I can actually draw them without holding my tongue right and squinting.  The E looks like a Celtic Illustrated letter–sort of.  There are four colors of metallic ink in the vertical bar design.  The point of this was to decorate your letters and have fun.  Point achieved.

Lesson 11-Artfully Abstracted

The directions here were to use your loopiest handwriting and write a word.  Then to write over it several times and begin to decorate using the negative spaces you created.  The emphasis is on the finished piece, not the word.  I learned bunches from this.  I used every kind of art material I own and discovered lots about how they work.  Coolest is the waterbrush.  This is a paintbrush with water in the handle that you can ooze down into the bristles.  Fantastic for watercolors.  No dipping and dripping across the table.  I also learned that my colored pencils will write on top of Sharpie markers.  That is what decorates the orange part of the oval on the left.  Lots of silver Gelly pen and some shading with my Copic marker in gray.  The only thing I don’t like is how big my initials are, but I read in the group digest that I can just paint over them with gesso and redo that corner of the page.   And I have gesso!!

Dropped in on Linda at Rainy Day Creations in Pineville this afternoon to pick up the new bobbins she ordered me for my spinning wheel.  She is maybe more diversified than I am.  Her shop now carries beads and jewelry findings, markers and silk scarf blanks for silk painting, as well as all the yarns, the spinning fibers and the weaving stuff.  It is truly a playground in there for grownups.  I doubt there is an art or craft she doesn’t do.

Speaking of spinnng, the Carolina Fiber Frolic is Mar. 30–Apr.1.  I’m teaching three classes and taking one.  I have extra bobbins so I can learn whatever I can con someone into teaching me and there will be two indy vendors there to tempt me with fiber.  I wish all of you could go with me.  I love the NC mountains.

More later–


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  1. They are beautful!

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