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Frolic in the Mountains

Condos below our unit

This weekend the Carolina Fiber Frolic held its first event in the NC Mountains. Now, if you thought we would miss being in Charleston, you were WRONG. The weather was lovely; we didn’t mind a little rain. The accommodations were magnificent. The people were superb. The community center in Sapphire was perfect for classes and vendors and hanging out on the porch. And I don’t even have an adjective to describe the food that Natalie, the caterer served us. You must come next year.

Famous Charlotte Road Trippers

The only photos I took were at dinner on Saturday night. I know that is bad blogger behavior, but I was so busy doing great stuff. My classes were so much fun, at least for me. Then I took a class on Supported Spindles from fleeglesblog@blogspot.com. Susan has just released a book on this topic—THE book on this topic. The e-version is really cool. You can buy it on a flash drive; it is too big for a CD.

She was given or bought a lot of Tibetan, Russian, Bulgarian, or whatever spindles to use or try as she wrote her book. She brought them all with her. After we worked with the “student” spindles, she allowed us to try all of them to help us decide what type we might want to eventually buy. Even as beginner as we were, we could really tell some differences. That was so special of her.

Famous Charlotte Hikers

We had a show and tell fashion show on Saturday night after we ate the largest crab cakes I’ve ever seen. Solid crab, too. I was the moderator because I have the loudest voice. I was really nervous about that, but all I really had to do was call out names and say something nice, because this group just took questions and told stories about the work themselves. Much more entertaining, and it shows how at ease fiber people are with each other after a day or two of hanging out.

Famous Charlotte Spinners

We did have two special presentations after lunch. The first day, Judi Jetson from Asheville told about a volunteer group she works with that is rapidly growing. This group is to fiber processing what the Slow Food Movement is to agriculture. They are trying to put local people who are in all phases of fiber processing, from farm animal to retail distribution, in touch with each other. Their area is a 100 mile circumference of Asheville. Local dyers might want to buy from a local processor, but didn’t know they exist. Same with us artist/crafters—shop local. Save gasoline, provide local jobs. Good luck to Judi and her colleagues.

Suzy Hokanson from Savannah did a presentation on her research visit with the Bauhaus association in Germany. I love the art of the 20’s and 30’s from Germany, and some of my favorite artists were Bauhaus members. Suzy who is a weaver among about 100 other artistic things, talked about the weaving program from there. It was amazing to hear about these people who were considered subversives by Hitler’s government and how their work still impacts the art world today. I’ll bet you have something in your home that was inspired by the Bauhaus movement. Suzy also taught some classes and showed us some of her gorgeous creations.

Jan Smiley, the creator and instigator of the Carolina Fiber Frolic, will post a wonderful tale of the weekend. Her husband and son took lots of pictures. I’ll link you to that as soon as it’s up.

Famous Charlottean Fiber Artist

Granny’s girl will also post on her blog I’m sure.

My family joined me for the weekend and they worked really hard while there.

Steve describes this as reading.

Prof. Quick swears he's working on a class.

I’ll show you what I bought and talk about the great vendors next time.

More later–


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