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My new baby–iPad 3

New iPad aka iPad 3

This came just as I got home from the Frolic.  I had an original iPad so this was a nice step up. The picture quality is amazing.  As usual they offered to engrave it–an antitheft hope- so I took them up on it.

Now I need to make it some clothes.  The whole thing feels fragile without some kind of padding and those who know me well know I clang and bang a lot.  So to the fabric shelf—-

Batik I painted and stamped

I found this piece, backed it and machine quilted it in a sort of stipple pattern.  Machine quilting is very hard to do well.  It requires many hours of practice.  My theory is I can practice for a year or so and then make something, or I can just make something and accept my skill level.  I am the accepting type.  Besides, who really looks that closely?

Keeping the batik theme I decided to piece a flap.  I remember my grandmother doing crazy quilt blocks on squares of newspaper.  How hard could it be?  I cut a piece of nonwoven interfacing and began.   It’s harder than it looks.  I don’t remember her having trouble hiding raw edges.  Must be something I don’t remember about it.  I just turned under edges when I needed to and when finished, zigzagged them on the machine with pretty thread.

Underside of bag.

I added batik panels on each end of my main fabric to lengthen the bag and tried to put a pocket in the underside of the flap.  The flap technique was an afterthought so the skill level there is shaky but I’m okay with it.

I wanted to add some pop to the top back of the bag.  I found a piece of some stamping practice that uses the same acrylic paints as the main fabric.  I put it atop some real bright batiks and then atop the back panel.  I left the edges raw; batik doesn’t really ravel much.  Check out my quilting–the Alissa Burke messy technique.  It was fun to do and the variegated thread looks pretty good there.

Top and flap

I rather like the effect.  I bought some rectangles to use to hold the strap and some all cotton webbing in a hot pink to make the strap.  Definitely want it to go over my head and carry it on my shoulder.  I think I may add some batik patches to the strap.  Too much hot pink won’t work.

I’ll put up a pic when it is finished.  It’s been a satisfying project.  It will serve the purpose of protecting the iPad and it has my personality.  I did it little bits at a time as I jumped from knitting to spinning to lettering to art journaling to whatever.  Perfect ADD technique.

If you sew, grab some fabric and paint on it.  Stamp on it.  Use a magic marker on it and then make a little bag to carry something.  Don’t plan it, just do it.  See what you get.  If you hate it, send it to me.  I’ll love it.

More later–


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  1. It will be perfect for Boston, Jane!

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