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Dye Your Hair White

I’m not sure who this sign is warning, but I have my opinion.

Note:  This is a link to a page which shows my Boston Journal and the art journal page I started with this picture.  Also another X-rated sign.

I know I’ve given you much unasked for advice, but dye your hair white is the best.  I spent a long weekend in Boston, a city its inhabitants do not think is friendly, and everyone in town wanted to give me their seat on the T or help me find where I was going.  A bus driver refused to let me use my Charlie Card and pay full price.  I just gave him the Sr. Citizen $.60 and saved $1.40.  At Meadhall, a restaurant with 140 beers on draught, mixed up my order and insisted on giving me my lunch for free.  Actually what I ordered wasn’t really on the menu, but the waitress insisted she could get it for me.  Do it before you leave town.  Or buy a wig.

My favorite building at MIT, designed by Frank Geary

Boston was wonderful.  I was included in Kate’s graduation activities from a special class at the Sloan Management Center at MIT.  Met some amazingly smart and interesting people, toured the campus with an enthusiastic physicist, ate great food overlooking the Charles River and that was just the end of the day.  Walked and took the T to BU and Dick Blick’s Art Supply Store near Fenway Park, hallowed ground.  Stalked books at the MIT coop.  Ate lunch among MIT students–I do love students even after 30 years in public schools.

This sign is in all the bathroom stalls at the Sloan Center at MIT. Technology is wonderful.

The MIT students were in the news recently for their latest prank, as only budding engineers can prank.  (Steve was at Ga. Tech, so I know.)  Check out this YouTube video.  They turned a building into a game of Tetris.

A wonderful book about introverts. Me!!!!!

Kate and I shopped a little, read a little, talked a lot, ate good food, drank good wine and beer, and loved on her Chessy Brody.

The stalwart Brody who guards Kate’s home.

That is my kind of trip.  Someday I’ll go to Boston Common and other sites, but for now, just seeing a dear friend is excitement enough.  I always learn so much from her.

Some pictures to show what I’ve been up to.  Also I start teaching at Charlotte Yarn again a week from Sunday.  Check the Classes page on this blog.

Only 28 inches left before the first armhole.

Decorated a sketch book with Sakura Souffle pens which write on black. Love them.

Hands are worse.  Testing on them soon.  Have best Doc.

More later–


4 Responses

  1. What a great day you had! Love that biulding! Hope your hands are going better.

  2. Thanks so much. Your blog is a great resource. Appreciate your sharing.

  3. Hi Jane,

    It was great having you here – I’m sharing your blog with some of the Bostonians you met — you’ll have the keys to the city soon, I think!

  4. Key or no key–I’ll be back!

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