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Trust the Pattern

I tell clients all the time to just trust the pattern.  I also told my kids to do as I say, not as I do.  Well, I’m just not trusting this pattern to turn out to be what I want it to be.  So I’m cheating.–My best skill. It’s the Shawl/cape pattern from Maggie Jackson, a marvelous, inventive designer.  But her models are 10 feet tall and weigh 87 lbs.  I, of course, am not and do not. So, I cheat.

I found some old pellon interfacing.  How old you ask?  Well, the package of 4 yds cost 99 cents.  How long has it been since anything was 25 cents a yard?  It is a bit discolored and will tear if you pull on it, but it will serve this purpose.  That’s why I don’t throw things away.  It is to be a template, a pattern, a sloper.

Pellon and pattern for shape and size

I went to the shawl drawer and found the best of my shawls, shaped like I like.  The one I altered the pattern from a triangle to a curved one by short rows .  The one I finished in Australia.  Yes, the one that has a bad side where I didn’t quite do it right and the good side where I finally figured it out.

Layout with good half on the fold

I only traced the good half of the shape and placed it on the fold of the pellon.  You can see that it didn’t quite fit.

The extra bit that didn’t fit the 22 inch width

I am Knitter!  I am resourceful.  I have strong packing tape.  A little pencil outline, some scissors, and voila.

My body curved template

Now to put it to use–

Disclaimer:  The owner of this blog in NO WAY means to imply or guarantee that what you see next will in any way resemble the final product.  The whole point in this practice is that you don’t have to commit to anything until you have completed the project and sought the advice of every knitter you know.  These pictures represent Plan A.   Like that mystery writer,  I have 25 other letters.

Using the template

Closeups of the swatches so far–Click to enlarge if interested.  Uh-h-h-h, I stopped following the pattern on these as well after I knit the second one.  Don’t blame Maggie if this doesn’t look great.   Did I mention that I am having fun?

center back plan A

More later–

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