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So, What About the Blog?

Today is my birthday. Starting a new year is a good time to start new things, don’tcha think? Anyway, I’ve been thinking instead of blogging. Why have a blog? A few people just want to toot their own horns. Others want to share what they think, or learn, or discover; sharing is the big thing. For some a blog is a journal primarily for themselves to keep track of life. For me, it has been the sharing thing, particularly to share my love of knitting and all the neat things I discover as I go along. Knitting is what has brought all of my readers to the blog.

Therefore, I haven’t blogged lately. I haven’t knit lately either. I go to the LYS every week and meet with some great folks and maybe knit four rows. I also talk Zentangles with a friend and just enjoy hearing about everyone’s lives. Next week I head for Colorado Knitting Camp to see wonderful friends and meet again with Sally Melville, a truly inspiring teacher. I’m hoping Sally can kickstart my knitting mojo. Maybe.

I still love knitting. And teaching knitting. I’m just not challenged enough. I am a lifelong learner and must be learning new things or I will self-destruct. It happens that those things, right now, involve paper and ink and paint and other media. I have lots to share about my journey along that road, but I have assumed my readers would not be interested—-because it is not knitting. Maybe I’m wrong.

Anyway, from now on I share. It may be something that interests you, maybe not. It will be about making things and being creative. It won’t be stuffy artsy stuff. I’m not that good. It’s about the joy of discovery, and some of that discovery has been that I could make a book that stayed together or paint a coffee cup that was recognizable. Never thought I could.

This drawing stuff thing takes my head to that timeless zone of great comfort that I used to get from knitting. I love that place. I guess it is what meditation is like. It has also involved my grandson in creative making again. That is a real plus.

So, I hope you keep reading and responding and enjoying what I share. I hope you try some new things yourself; that way lies strong self-esteem. Whatever you choose, I wish you luck and long life. Know that if you have knit questions, I’m still here and I love to share anything I know. Just ask.

There will be some knitting here because I still teach. Classes will resume in Sept. at the shop and I’ll be teaching at the Southeastern Fiber Conference in 2013. More on all that later. Private lessons are always available if you want them.

Now—here’s some of what I’ve been doing.

Tangled corner swoosh

Schapperelli collage

sillouette box in progress

many Jameses

new coat

supported spinning


new fairy house

What do you do when you are not knitting?

More later–


3 Responses

  1. Maybe you are just a little burned out on knitting. Happy Birthday by the way! I’m crocheting an afghan. My cats like one particular afghan and it is misshapened by their kneading. I haven’t made an afghan in a while and it gives me purpose to finish it this time. I’ve been zentangling, Jane and I had a wonderful idea about fireworks. I watercolored a page in my sketchbook and will pen in some zentangles and add more color if needed. You’ll see at some point. Have fun in Colorado and maybe there, you will find peace and knitting together.

  2. Please keep us with you on your journey. Artistic creation is artistic creation. The medium changes but the process never does.
    And I love the Zentangles.

  3. Change is what keeps us going.. I will look forward to reading about your new pursuits. I hope you have a very happy birthday!


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