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Looking at the new Crate and Barrel catalog

So I got the Crate & Barrel catalog. For two months I’ve been memorizing the IKEA catalog. Today, Bingo. I realize that Crate & Barrel is really just a high-end IKea.  Now how do I get IKEA to look like Crate & Barrel?

From C&B

One way is to only buy IKEA in paintable surfaces. Or to read the article about painting laminated surfaces on the Internet. The first project here may be a gateleg table. I can save $100 if I buy it at IKEA.

From Ikea

I can use it as an end table by the sofa, and then pull out the sides to work on, or play on, or eat on. I’m thinking about it.

Looking through the catalog I found other things to copy. On page 39 is a Creamsicle print to hang on the wall. I think I can make this out of acrylic paint and some cardboard. I need to pick cardboard about three quarters of an inch thick. Then I need to pull the top off so the bumps show, paint a layer of Gesso, and then drip cream, white, and beige paint down it. Modern art at little cost. Where do I find the cardboard?

Crayon art finished

Speaking of art at little cost, Zachary and I created a great piece this weekend. You may have seen this all over the Internet. We melted crayons using his mother’s hairdryer. He pointed the hairdryer in different directions to control the flow, and he loved every minute of it. I taped the crayons to the board, just foam board. I put the warm colors on one side and the cool colors on the other. I left this piece in Athens for his room. We plan to make another for my house in August. I think we’ll tape the crayons in random order for that.All you do is melt the crayons on a piece of board. What little boy would like that? I see it as my grandmotherly duty to sneak culture into the boys’ lives.

I’m off to knitting camp tomorrow. Can’t wait to see how that works out.

More later–

3 Responses

  1. Look up Ikea hackers. It has great ideas

  2. That is so cool. Did it take a long time?

  3. I also found the Creamsicle print in the Crate & Barrel catalog and thought it would be easy to recreate. I took a stretched canvas and put tile mortar on then spray painted it white. I’m interested to see how your idea worked out.

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