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Organizing and stuff

The first thing any organizing book says is Start Small.  But if all your stuff is connected somehow and you are moving stuff to new rooms and you are mainly trying to get rid of some of your STUFF—–that just doesn’t work.

Ergo–I haven’t blogged lately.

Still working on Tangling and journaling a bit.

Then there is the issue of the TV which is not getting a signal regularly—and during the Olympics!!!!–which has me stuck at home waiting on the cable guy instead of knitting at the shop.

Map of France and wine bottle paper weights

Steve wants to go to France and visit Tour sites and great art.  In September!!!! That is a tight schedule for an overplanner, researcher like me, but I’m giving it a go thanks to Jeannie’s wonderful daughter who has ridden these routes and has advised greatly.

My daily mantra

I am also staying off the computer and unsubscribing to things for a while so I can be more productive.  I am in the middle of inventorying the remaining stash and realizing that more should go.  I’m just incapable of deciding what at this time.  And then there is the other half of the attic to attack.

will add the mirror and hang somewhere——–sometime

Who knew that decluttering and reorganizing would be so physically demanding?  Jake stays right beside me, but having no thumbs, he can’t carry much stuff.

Lotus Batik from Ten Thousand Villages at Cotswold

My mind is quieter which was one of the goals of this destash project.  I am knitting.  Stephen West’s Spectra scarf.  It goes slowly as I am knitting slowly and not too frequently.  But I like doing it.

I’ve decided my art studies will be limited to playing with watercolor and making books, mostly journals.  I like useful things.  I make lists in them more than anything and then I cross stuff off—or move it to a new list.

I discovered my father’s fountain pen and I want to try it out on some lettering.  He wrote beautifully, not exactly calligraphy, but he could do fancy lettering.  Guess I get this gene from him.  He died when I was 9, but the influence he left me has been tremendous.

Must go move things around and discover what is really in those boxes.

More later–


3 Responses

  1. Love the way the blog looks. And I love your adventures into new places…

  2. You are inspiring!

  3. found Wooden Spools, a fabric/yarn shop in Denver… they buy your fabric as well as fabric from shops going out of business for $5 per pound and sell it for $5 per yard… They take everything… Bali Pops, kits, etc… Good fun!

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