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Rayon and Koigu Mori

This is such a nice project.  A well placed markers and the whole thing is mindless.  Sort of.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t make a big goof while knitting  talking at the shop, but life goes on.

The rayon solid I bought for a song at the TKGA conference last year.  The Koigu was a gift from the ladies at Koigu when I visited them with Vogue and Co. in Canada a few years ago.  Because Steve was on the trip, I swagged two skeins.

Spectra by Stephen West about 30 panes

I’m very proud of the color combination.  First instinct is usually black which always works, but rarely is stunning.  The wine color is really a bit deeper than this and looks great with the Koigu colorway.

I’m weaving the ends in as I go, but ends never bother me.  I leave at least 6 inches of yarn and they thread into the needles and weave up easily during a TV movie.  For travel, I figured out how much yarn each pane requires and precut some so that I would not have to have two balls attached.  You know that means chasing at least one while in public.

How did I figure it?  and without ripping out anything?  Well, I measure off two lengths of yarn and tied a loose knot.  A length is from my nose to the end of my outstretched hand.  Then I knit until I arrived at the knot.  I measured one more length, tied a new knot and knit until I was through with the pane.  I discovered that three lengths gave me plenty of yarn without a huge waste.

I have knit 33 panes or the 85 called for in the pattern.  Being vertically challenged, the 85 count may be a bit too long for me.  I will continue to knit until I like the length or run out of Koigu.

It is so nice to knit without any pressure.  I find I am knitting slower, but that’s okay.  I’m sort of dreaming the needles along.

More later–


2 Responses

  1. Slow is good. Slow is meditative. I haven’t knit any Stephen West patterns but they intrigue me!

  2. And the reason I’m commenting again is because I finally remembered my password!!!!

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