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Reflecting on my time management

Computers eat up so much of my time. It’s all about possibilities. I could do this or that or that . . . .

But when you are reading about something, you aren’t doing it–or anything else for that matter. I don’t mean reading for a purpose, I just mean looking (surfing, Pinterest, Flickr, etc.) at what you “could” make or do. And I’m also talking about losing four hours in an ADD zone-like trance. Don’t get me wrong– it’s fun, but it isn’t productive. Fortunately I don’t have the responsibility of a daily job anymore. I guess I just have a big case of Protestant work ethic guilt.

I did paint today, and yesterday.

Yesterday it was a still life of a lemon. The purpose was to do it with a color system and observe the effects. I chose Violet and Lemon yellow. I put the lemon on a white plate and sat that on a piece of violet batik. I had to paint shadows on the white plate. White! Did you know that white isn’t really just white in a painting?

I added the palest grey and a bit of super pale violet. I have no idea why.  I also drew in the lines with a pen because I just like that kind of thing.

I worked hard and learned a lot, but I don’t really like the painting. I have to remind myself that it isn’t about the product, it’s about the learning.

So today I learned to make texture with salt. Yep, table salt. I painted a very wet watercolor and sprinkled salt on it–Steve’s favorite spice. The trick is to sprinkle it on the paint at the magic moment–I haven’t quite learned when that is. But I had some success and a lot of fun.

I think what I’m looking to accomplish is to be able to create witty little pictures that make some point about life–The kind that make people smile and nod their heads. Hmmmmmmmm.

Speaking of life—football is back, and I have two fantasy teams. Looks like the knitting will pick up. It’s the only thing I can do while watching the games without spilling stuff or making a big mess. I added several inches to my Spectra project last night while watching my man Peyton show his stuff. Games are on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. Heck, I might actually complete a project.

I hope you’re having as much fun as I am.

More later–

3 Responses

  1. Always enjoy reading your blog. I envy you the time to surf and rad and zone out. You earned it. But the zoning out is flowering into neat ideas and thins. Isn’t what you’re doing what learning is all about.

  2. Wow. You are right. I love how you describe it. No wonder it feels so good.

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Totally agree with you there about managing time. Whilst on the computer, you know you say to yourself “must get off & do …..” , but something always happens to distract for another half hour or so! Glad to see you’re still productive as always! Take care!

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