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So much I haven’t told you about, but I do want to respond to Chris and show you what I made while traveling around.

This is my experimental swing knitting. Thank you, Renate, for introducing me to this technique. If you don’t know about it, search “swing knitting” on ravelry.

Here are some of my sketches:

20121007-185616.jpg from the Pont du Gard aqueduct

20121007-185646.jpg Flowers in the Memorial Park to members of the French Resistance and those taken to concentration camps from Sarlat, France.

20121007-185710.jpg Carcassonne and the crowds. Drinks at a small cafe in Sarlat.

There are more which I will share later, and I am knitting socks. Also bought some European knitting magazines.

We had a great time inFrance, but home is always so good. Especially when you have two sweet dogs waiting to greet you.

More later–

5 Responses

  1. Welcome back, Jane and Steve. Glad you had a great time there in France. Jane, your drawings are good. The detail on the aqueduct is amazing. I do like your swing knitting project…something to try at some time. Bet you were surprised by the cold weather…it arrived this morning with thunderous booms. I’ve got my heat set to click on and the oldest cat is cold, poor thing. I know he’ll bundle up with me tonight.
    And I bet your 2 babies are not going to let you out of their sight for the next few days. Glad you both made it home safely.

  2. Welcome home! As always I enjoyed reading your perspective. The swing knitting looks interesting.

  3. Yes, welcome home. I’m so glad that you are drawing. An artistic polymath. Or I guess polyart.

  4. Welcome back. How’s the hip? The drawings are impressive, especially the aquiduct.
    So when’s the swing knitting class?

  5. Welcome home. Jealous of your lovely trip. Glad to hear you’re knitting socks again.

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