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More Prizes

This is a tool that will allow you to transfer any image to almost any project.  These are iron on sheets.  I can take a family picture or any picture I can print from the net and place it in any project.  I’ve read about this and seen great examples, but I’ve never tried it.  I think Lesley’s gift may open up a whole new world of stuff for me.

Click on the picture and read what she says and look at the gorgeous work just on the package. Yes, I should have taken the stuff out of the plastic envelop.  Sometimes we have to learn by screwing up.  Check out her website.

This is a fabric postcard by Kristen  LaFlamme.  It is exquisite.  Such a small piece of art using so many different fabrics, balanced perfectly.  The handwork is so simple and yet so effective. I am constantly overworking or over-embellishing.  I can learn a lot from looking at Kristen’s work.  This will be framed for the den where it will receive great honor.

Since this qualifies as Mail Art, the reverse side is appropriately designed and signed.  This piece has a very thin, flat batting which makes it interesting to touch.  The satin stitch edge is so well done.  I have messed up many of them so am grateful to see what can be done.

As usual, even the package was a treat.  She mailed it in a very strong, but clear, envelop; the label was decorated and address in a beautiful handscript; even the stamp was beautiful and matched the art piece.  Saving it all for who knows what.

These are quilting patterns from Desiree Habicht.  (Yeah, the plastic issue in photographs rears its head again.)  The one on the left is a very cleverly designed bag that will be quite useful for a person who has as many projects as I do.  I really love that jack o’lantern.

She also sent some of her own fabrics.  This western motif panel would make a great children’s quilt.  And since I am still quite a child, and I wore a Dale Evans’ cowgirl outfit at age 6, I think this is for me.  If you enlarge this photo, you will see a cowgirl in purple (my color!) riding with the guys.

These are the coordinating patterns she included.  There is another good look at that cowgirl.  They are so wonderful to feel, such soft colors and soft cotton.  But, as I am learning, just sending the prize is not enough for these artists.

Check out how she packaged this.  It is just a sturdy, ordinary plastic bag but it keeps everything together and clean.  Then she punched a hole in the bag above the Zip closure and tied a bow in it.  How clever and how easy. Tied up with the bow is her business card which on the back . . .

is an ATC (Artist Trading Card) like piece.  Sorry about the blur.  Mediocre photographer.

Best of all for me was this card.  This is a 5X7 ish card which is handpainted in watercolor with some ink.  This is what I aspire to.  I see several lessons for me in this and this will also hang in the den.  I love this card.  And ever since it arrived, I have seen all the pumpkins, gourds, winter squash just jumping out at me from the decorative displays.  I almost stole one from the hotel this weekend.  Saner heads prevailed.  I will definitely be following Desiree’s work.

This is a picture of the little extras from some of the earlier prizes.  The pen is there to cover the discount code on my 25% off slip.  I didn’t think Kari wanted that on the web.  She is the one who addressed the envelop.  Want to make someone feel really special.  Decorate the mail you send them.  Here lettering is awesome.  I hope she teaches a class online.

This is the ephemera from Laura Cater-Woods.  Bits and pieces.  I love bits and pieces.  I knew the yarns, but the two fabrics are different for me.  The back of metallic bits plus all the threads will be great for spinning art yarn as well as embroidery and maybe even just sticking it on an art journal page. The leaf is lovely.  I love leaves and will applique this somewhere special.  This makes me want to make cuffs again.  Well, why not?

Laura’s ephemera came with a beautiful notecard featuring one of her fiber works.  Do check her site and see her work.  It is so good.

This piece came from Terry Grant.  Again the wonder of how powerful a small work can be.  This one is about 5×5″.  Steve had a fit over this one.  He loves modern, minimalist things.  The machine quilting is deceptively hard to do, but she makes it look easy.  The flow of it really controls how you look at the work.

Terry, too, enclosed a handmade card.  On it she apologized that this was not the glass coaster which she had promised.  HA!  As if I would ever let someone sit a glass on even a glass enclosed piece of her work.  The orange tones will work so well in the den.  I may have to charge an entrance fee to the den because these wonderful artists are creating a gallery in my home.  Terry also has a drawing blog here.

Since all of these prizes come from The Sketchbook Challenge group on flickr, I thought I would add in my own little bit that goes up next.

Imaginary animals a la Carla Sonheim.

So much fun. You make blogs on your paper, and then you find the animal hiding in the blog. I am slopping paint in every sketchbook. Try it. Check out her book on drawing imaginary animals.

More later–

4 Responses

  1. Wow..you’ve certainly done well!!! And all beautiful works of art too. It’s always great to have inspiration & have lovely pieces to look at!

  2. I’ve tried that blob technique and I didn’t come up with anthing of important creativity. However, I did just watercolor paper and came up with a fabulous sunset in the mountains!

  3. Fabulous. Bring it Weds. To share.

    Sent from my iPad

  4. So true. Of course, you have Brisbane. Now that is art.

    Sent from my iPad

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