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Heading to Christmas; New Prizes

Thanksgiving was quiet and lovely.  After lunch, we went to see Lincoln.  The entire movie is a work of genius.  Daniel Day Lewis is always amazing and he truly made me see a new vision of Lincoln as a man and a very smart politician.  Tommy Lee Jones as Thaddeus Stevens also deserves an Oscar.  Sally Fields gave Mary Lincoln a personality that helped me understand why he married her.  She was wonderful.  As was every other actor in the film.  Go, run, abandon all work, and see this movie.  It will move you and teach you and then entertain you.

Our Aussie friends, Liz and Brett left Australia on Nov. 24th and are in England exploring their heritage and doing all things Beatle.  They will be here the 19th and I’m busy planning for them.  There will, of course, be knitting and yarn shopping and lots of eating.  We have to show them some Southern hospitality.  I’m not certain it will top the Australian hospitality we experienced.  We may have to thaw them out.  It never gets really cold where they live, and they flew into England the same time as a big Arctic front.

More prizes have arrived from The Sketchbook Challenge.  Too many for one blog so I will share just a few.

SBK-scissors  ps

The first is a fabric postcard from Susan Brubaker Knapp.  It is a much larger piece than the ATC she had originally planned.  My photo doesn’t do it justice.  It literally vibrates with color and is so technically perfect.  Of course she dyed the fabric and hand stitched everything.  She describes the entire process on her blog here.

Scroll through Susan’s blog postings because she does so many kinds of art.  The Art Apron she posted today should give you lots of ideas.  Visit the Gallery for a real feast for your eyes.  Susan lives just up the road in Mooresville, NC.  This state breeds great artists

Next up is Traci Bunkers whom I first encountered through the knitting world.

TB-card-info-psTraci does so many things in the world of art.  I bought her book The Art Journal Workshop when I first discovered this mixed media obsession.  I wanted to know the rules–there are none–and I really wanted to know about this Gesso stuff.  I knew the students at Northwest were always using it.  I was so excited when I bought my first gesso;  REAL artists use gesso.  I played with the techniques I discovered in the book but soon went off in search of drawing and watercolor.  Lately though, I have itched to wander back to it.  I love making art papers.

Traci has published some of her Art Journal pages as postcards–large ones about 5.5X8 INCHES.  They are so exciting.  I am showing you two of the five she sent me.  You can purchase them at her website.  TB-Postcard-4-psThis one puts me in mind of my son-in-law’s recent trip to Cuba.  I think it is the door and the truck combined with the blue atmosphere.  The stitching of the photos to the paper is a great mood detail.

TB-postcard-5-psAll of us who have older pets will be touched by this.  Traci puts her passion on the page and it is bold.

That’s enough gloating for today.   I have to confess frogging an ugly Wingspan and share a painting or two of my own.  So,

More later–


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