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Ho, ho, a project or two

Tis the season to make things.  When is it not?

Joanne Sharpe teaches online and other lettering classes.  I took her Letter Love 101 class and had a blast.  She is such a good teacher; she makes you believe.  She is generously offering a free class called Five Golden Letterings which is a great intro to her.  Click the link and explore her offering.  Even the kiddies can do this.  Here’s my first projects.

christmas gold letteringJoanne is a big proponent of using your own handwriting to make letter art–even if you think it isn’t pretty, she’ll change your mind.

Felicia''s wingspanDecided the Wingspan I was making for Felicia was ugly, so frogged it and then bought new yarn.  Mostly Noro Kagagashi (?).  This one I am liking.

Jane Davies CDReceived the promised CD from Jane Davies.  You know how picky I am about the teaching quality of artists from whom I’ll take classes.  Well, Jane hits it out of the park.  She shows how to do many techniques:  glazing, texturing, spritzing and blotting, mono-printing, spattering, painting with the brayer, resists, and a bunch more.  I wish I could show you some samples of her work, but they are on the CD.  So, instead, I’ll show you what I did after I watched it.

metallic hp paperThis was my first one.  I used metallic acrylic paints, the copper is $$, but the others are cheapos.  I worked on deli paper that I begged Jessica to give me when we ate at Lebowski’s Friday.  The stencil images were created by placing them under the paper and using the brayer to apply the paint.  Fun and you don’t have to wash the stencils.

gold aqua hp paperThis one was done on drawing paper.  I used a brush to apply the paint and then added a touch with the brayer.  When dry I used bubble wrap to stamp it.  I brayered out a thin coat of acrylic on my piece of glass and used the bubble wrap like you would a regular rubber stamp.

hot color hp paperThese were done on tissue paper.  You can see the brayer work.  I also spritzed some liquid watercolor on the left one (blue), used a dauber to get the yellow, and a leafy foam stamp to finish up.  The one of the right stand as is with such hot color.

I was getting tired of the bright colors, so I went to Michaels.

neutrals hp paperMore tissue paper with stamps and texture.

What happens next?  The last part of the CD teaches how to do some great paper collage.  I may try that, but collage has never worked out well for me.  Jane’s process may change that.  I will cut it and tear it and just use it to make other kinds of art.

Actually you can see a lot of Jane’s work on her website.  Go to the Gallery and look at the slidesshows.  Amazing.

This was so much fun.  You could make art or wrap packages—which are their own brand of art.  Use what you have and give it a go.

More later–


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