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Two Fabric Artists You Should Know

LTJ all1These lovely goodies were created by Leslie Tucker Jenison and I am going to have to email her because I have so many questions about them.  I also need to apologize for the poor photos—and not ironing the fabric before photos were taken.

LTJ Fabric detail2Anyway–she sent me hand dyed fabric.  First I’ve ever had, except for the wine stains on all my Tshirts.  First question will be what is this fabric?  It is cotton, but it feels like silk.  It must be the longest staple cotton ever produced.  Pinks to orange and colors in between.  Then there is this empossed design on the right side.  More questions, how, is this a stamp you created?  Would you be upset if, instead of using it to create, I just took it out and stroked it on special days?  No, I am not having wine now.

The framed piece is a collaged postcard.  It has stamps–both postage and rubber–bits of other ephemera laid out upon some of her fabric and then embellished with some glitz and pics.  It just glows, especially when outside the glass of the frame.   I’ve read so much about mail art and this wonderful piece makes it all sensible.  It is so beautiful.

LTJ bus. cardThis is Leslie’s business card.  Look at the colors in the log cabin quilt piece, and like the other artists who participated in this Sketchbook Challenge Prize, . . .

LTJ busi card backit wasn’t enough to just have art on one side.  I love this photo; may need to draw it into my sketchbook.

postcard2Finally, Leslie sent this postcard.  I have to know more about this work.  The title is “Amsterdam Alley:  The Shortcut Between” but that is all I know.  It appears to be a photograph (located in the bottom center of the piece) of the alley in Amsterdam.  The rest must be Leslie’s quilted/painted response to the photo.  The graffiti has been extended intyo flowers, text, even music.  The buildings grow and change and even have some small square stencil to suggest windows.  The alley is extended toward the viewer and may be quilted.  It is only a postcard so it’s hard to know exactly how she created it, but it still has a strong effect. I can’t  stop thinking about how she has extended the beginning and hope that will transfer to my work some day.   I would love to see the original.

rebel quilting DVD

Jamie Fingal created the above DVD workshop and writes the Twisted Sister blog.  Rebel?  Twisted?  Of course, I like her.  I bought the DVD a while ago and thoroughly enjoyed her take on fusible designs.  To me, it’s fabric + mosaic+personality.  In the  DVD, she talked about her love for Havel’s Non-Stick Scissors which cut fusibles and other adhesives without gumming up the works.  Thanks to Jamie, I now own a pair and will put them to heavy use.

She also sent other inspirations–

Fingal--bus. cardThis is her business card withg is most of an altered globe.  Her journey is impressive and terribly busy as you can tell from the flip side.

Fingal--bus card infoLots of activity.

Fingal-Ransom AlphabetThis is her “Ransom Lettering.”  Love the color and the style.  Speaks to many sides of my art and to my lettering attempts.  I have been trying to create alphabets, but this tells me what I can do with the letters I particularly like.  And not just letters, but words—

Fingal--Artist paperthese collages around the word artist will be used, but I want to make some of my own around my favorite words, like clever, wit, serenity.

Jamie has been a great inspiration and her work is fun to watch.  Check out the blog, and here is the youtube preview of Rebel Quilter.

Have you been intrigued, inspired?  Look around the house, grab what you have and make something.  Remember that the doing is far more important than the finished ( if you do finish) the piece.  No judging, just fun.

More later–


3 Responses

  1. Love, love, love the Amsterdam Alley picture. So beautiful.

  2. Want to give the technique a try? I’m game.

    Sent from my iPad

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