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Be Careful What You Wish For

…expecially if your mother is a bit of a smart aleck.

DD#1 requested a notebook she could use to make notes in while in the choir loft at church.    Actually I badgered her to come up with some sort of notebook I could make for her to justify all the paper I had recently bought for my bookbinding hobby.  Anyway, that’s what she asked for.

Now I didn’t question her.  I didn’t ask if she meant a book to put sermon notes in, or to log the anthems they performed.  I just remembered that as a child, she and her sister used the sermon time at church to work math problems set for them by their Dad.  (Mom was in the guitar group at the front of the church.)  Maybe she just wants to work a few math problems.

Anyway, I assumed a need for sneakiness that may or may not exist.  I guess that says a lot about me.  Here is what I came up with–and I’m pretty pleased with it.

imageThis is the cover.  Looks like a typical anthem you’d find in use any Sunday.  But inside is thisimageWell, she is a nurse, and the symbols are just a quick reference.

For the pages, I found some personal things . . .imagelike Zelda’s Lullaby.  Her older dog is named Zelda and we all adore her.  The other little swoosh of music was cut from another design.  I also added a bit of The Star Spangled Banner which she and her dad can whistle in two part harmony and the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy—who doesn’t like The Nutcracker?

Most of the pages are this,


giving her lots of room to write.

Oh–she does live in Athens, Ga., among all them Dawgs, so I put the Georgia Tech Rambling Wreck fight song in the middle.  Daddy went there!  She went to UNC Chapel Hill, but that’s another notebook.

More later–


6 Responses

  1. I love it! Can’t wait to show it off in the choir loft. I do want it for sermon notes and music texts that I find meaningful. This is especially nice to have on the Sundays I sing 2 services. In a prior administration I would have wanted a book for planning menus and grocery lists. Too much good stuff going nowdays for such mischief in the choir loft. I’ll have to be careful with Tech page, though Luckily one of the sopranos is a Tech grad. Thanks! DD1

  2. Since when did you start reading my blog?!! You don’t read my blog!!! Well, the container is still going to be a surprise. See how much fun art can be.

  3. Lovely idea Jane! And how funny to get caught out !!! Also love the snow effect on the blog, since we don’t get any at all here, it’s a nice touch!!!

  4. don’t forgot the Carolina Blue is a must for the Chapel Hill book take care and Happy Holidays! Linda ( from CO knit camp)

  5. Thanks, Julia. Liz comes next week and we will talk about you! 🙂

  6. Lots of Carolina Blue paper in my stash. Happy holidays and happy travels.

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