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Fun in Athens, Ga.



This is going on at my house.


Refinishing the floors. Steve is in charge and the dogs and I ran away to Athens to play.

My son-in-law has turned in to a sculptor. He had work commitments on Sapelo Island and didn’t run the Boston Marathon this year. We are thankful to his job.

Across the road from their home is a large wooded area with a great creek. Zachary took me over to tromp around. Yes, I sort of fell in the creek. Rock to rock jumping doesn’t seem to be a skill I possess. Anyway, I was transfixed. It is another world like Narnia or a safe Oz. Hogwarts may be back there. We found a Lenten Rose I want to liberate for Erica.

I brought basket making materials to play with. The trip to Arrowmont really made me want to make baskets again.

I made this bird feeder inspired by one in Making the New Baskets: Alternative Materials/Simple Techniques byJane LaFerla (Morrison Branch Library). I used a bit of vine we found in the woods.

We went back to the woods yesterday.

Erica says I harvested some poison ivy. We researched for my next excursion. Evidently if you are going to harvest in the woods, you need more knowledge than I have. I don’t think I am allergic to it. We will see.

Go make something
More later–


2 Responses

  1. Yep, that’s poison ivy alright. I’m grateful your son didn’t run in the marathon yesterday. Sandy Harris’ son did and she did call Remi to say they were all okay. Love the bird feeder, by the way.

  2. Oh, you made me laugh. Only Jane decorates with poison ivy… And only about 10% of people don’t react to it, so count yourself lucky if you don’t!

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