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Calculus and Me

Steve's text from graduate school found on a top shelf

Steve’s text from graduate school found on a top shelf

The paper in this book is sumptuous.  It may be clay based paper.  The book weighs a ton.  He had no problem with my using it any way I wished.  So I drew a bird.

Check out the  wing feathers.

Check out the wing feathers.

I used a graph on the page to style the feathers on the wing.  The colors are Tombow watercolor markers.  Bright and transparent.  Who doesn’t like to color?

Tangle inspired bird--I'm practicing spirals.

Tangle inspired bird–I’m practicing spirals.

Then I saw these graphs–

Graphed ZensIn the world of Zentangling, often you draw a squiggly line inside a small square and put your different tangles in the areas defined by that line.  The graphs defined some lines for me, and all I had to do was play.

The text graphic became the beak.

The text graphic became the beak.

future birdLook at this page.  Do you see the beak in fig. 0-13?  I think the curve in the next fig. could be the belly of a bird.  Discovery is almost as much fun as drawing.  Maybe more.

Modern Bird

Modern Bird

Wing study

Wing study

Watercolor scribble background.

Watercolor scribble background.

Google “altered books” if you have never investigated that topic.  Some great things have been done to books that would otherwise have just been tossed.

Still waiting for a date for my knee surgery.  Reconstruction of tree damage is underway.  My tomatoes are bearing sweet fruit.

More later–


2 Responses

  1. This is the best use of calculus I have seen. I took it in college and flunked terribly. Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2013 16:16:06 +0000 To: amra2@msn.com

  2. I loved calculus but I am in love with those brightly coloured birds on the math background. They’re wonderful!

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