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Sewing them together—Who knew?

Zen-with-sewn-stringThis is my new tangle piece.  The cool thing about it is the paper I used.

I’ve seen a bunch of travel journals that were just accordion books of pockets, very flat and purse friendly.  Inserted into the pockets were tickets and pamphlets and sometimes cards with journaling.  Since I am going to Chile this fall, I wanted to create one that would hold notes on what I get to see and sketches done on the way.  If I don’t keep a travel journal, my ADD brain will forget what I saw.

I have a lot of paper (understatement) and I wanted to combine some to make a heavier weight piece that would hold up under use.  I failed paste in first grade and have never recovered.  Well, once I discovered Yes! brand, I improved a bit.  Gluing them together would only give me a wrinkled mess.  I decided to try sewing them together.

Voila.  A piece of an old tablet that Cristi brought me from Sock Summit and a piece of lovely cardstock from a sale at Fedex.  I discovered that if I sew the paper together, I don’t get wrinkles or any other mar to the surface.  All kinds of paper projects have now opened up to me.

I grabbed a bunch of papers, like drawings that were not very good, painted backgrounds that were going nowhere, a map of the world from an elementary school text company, and I started sewing.  I cut them in different sizes, even cut them with tabs to help find things.  Why?  Haven’t I taught you that is a useless question when it comes to art and craft?

To test the results in action.  I took the first piece and decided to tangle on it.  But instead of drawing a string  to define the areas, I sewed it!

Sewn-stringHere is what the back of the tangle looks like so you can see the string.  I will tangle on this side as well—two for one.

If you have never sewn on paper, it is easy.  I like a smaller needle like I would use for sheers.  The paper will dull that needle quickly, but that doesn’t create a problem unless you try to use it for cloth.  You can drop the feed dogs as you would for machine quilting, but I didn’t.  The paper is so slippery that I could move it around any direction without doing that.

Another small advantage of this is that the narrow list-type pieces that I made don’t get lost in my purse.  They are sturdy enough to not crumple into a ball, but not so inflexible as a notebook is.  Also, they are pretty.  I like pretty.

My daughter who reads my blog is shaking her head right now thinking, “Oh, Mom, you need a job.”  But deep in her heart she knows this is how I stay sane.

Started a new knitting project.  WA-HOO.

More later–


5 Responses

  1. I love your tangle!! if you are coming to knitting next week, I have more circles to show you from the circle swap I’m in on the lineweaving community.

  2. I should be there. I have camp carpool all week.

  3. Sanity is good. I love reading about your creative adventures .

  4. Holy cripes! I almost had to turn around to see if you were sitting behind me. I was totally shaking my head. I’m getting too predictible.

  5. Yeah, but when you see them, you will want some. Especially the ones with maps of Chile.

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