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Feeling Sorry for Yourself Does No Good

Drawing in the Driveway

Drawing in the Driveway

Trapped at home again because clutch leg is infirm.  Kate called and caught me mid tears.  She cheered me greatly and then the “shame” started.  I am really just fine, just frustrated and tired of not being able to do what I want/need to do.  SO . . . . . . . .

I decided to concentrate on the good things that have happened to me.

Jean fixed my computer.  Chris came by to chat.  Martha brought me a casserole.  Katherine is taking me to lunch tomorrow.  Cat is coming for beer tomorrow night.  Some folks on flickr liked my drawings.  A little girl and her mom stopped by while I was drawing outside(see above), and I got to encourage Evie to go home and paint paper.  The rain fairies have taken care of the yard for me.

Life is good.

Paul is in Chile now and Erica and Z will fly down in a few weeks.  After some nightmare nursing home adventures, Edna is now in a place that seems to be good for her.  Meghan’s having an attic sale this weekend and I will go help her and enjoy the event.

Woman of the desert from the Faces project

Woman of the desert from the Faces project

I’ve been drawing some and planning lots of projects that I will never get around to doing.  I miss my Wednesday knit group, but should get back to it soon.  I’m working on my Viajante which is lots of knitting in the round.  Very relaxing.

Mini-mummyI started my Halloween decorations.  I made this mini-mummy I saw on Pinterest.  You just shape a body with a head on four limbs out of soft wire (I used the spiral binding from a notebook that I took apart) and then wrap it with fabric strips.  I recycled the clean part of my surgical dressing and used that.  Love to recycle.  I need to glue some eyes on it.  Great project to do with grandkids.

Spend some time today listing the good things that have happened to you lately.  It will lift your spirits.

More later–


6 Responses

  1. Poor Jane!!! Love your “woman of the Desert “. I never made to knitting today either. I will go next week and if you need a ride, yell and I will pick you up. It’s hard not being able to do things you want to do. After knee replacement surgery, all I did was go to physical therapy every three days and I was tired all the time. I had problems with the anasthesia and wound up going to the doctor as I lost a lot of weight. I did find out that the drug stays in your body fat for up to 5 weeks and I wasn’t eating at all for 3 weeks. A stimulant pill and I slowly began to eat. But if I ever need to have the left knee done, I’ll know better. Take care!

  2. We missed you today and Chris, but I wouldlove to see pictures of your viajante. I’ve been owrking on mine and really like how it’s coming out. I did finish the gray thing Stacy was working on and left the last 2 rows off..Still took me 3 1/2 hours to bind it off! If you need a ride, call me. I also have ideas for getting the swelling down if you need them.

  3. Hi, Jane! Sorry to hear you had knee surgery, but glad you did well with it. I had arthroscopy of my right knee the end of April and am doing well with it. The first week is definintely the worse. I hope you will feel much better soon – I know I did after that first week. – Sallie Olson

  4. You guys are so great. Thank you for the comments. I feel better and the knee is getting better, too. It is so good to have such good friends in my life.

  5. Jane, you looked so much better today than Sunday. I’m glad to see you are not using crutches and it was nice meeting Steve. He’s a keeper. I’m also glad to see you working at your crafts and enjoying them. it was good to see you today!

  6. Who knew hiking shoes could be such a fun topic. Thanks for checking on me.

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