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New Tangling Venture–Join In


The beginning

Yeah, I know it’s blurred, but it is only a 5X7 inch rectangle drawn on  gray heathered cardstock.  But this is how I started my sample for the ATC swap that Chris and I are hosting.  I had so much fun with the first ATC swap I did at Lineweaving.com,  Blog entry here, that I wanted to create one to share.


Step 2–divided into spaces

The instructions are to create a tangled piece that is 5 x 7 (or 4.5X6.5) then to chop it into 4 sections.  ATCs have to be 2.5X3.5.  Because the tangle gods say so.  Also it is a good size to create and swap with other addicts.  Swapping gives you some purpose to create, a deadline if you need such, and introduces you to others and their styles.  Lineweaving.com is a nice friendly, easy-going group from all over the world.  It’s exciting to get a copy of someone else’s work.  Inspiring, even.


Inked the pencil lines and started to Tangle

This above pic shows that I have inked over and erased any stray pencil lines and begun to pattern tangles in the divisions.  Actually, I was sitting on the porch when I started this and just drew the limbs of my neighbors tree.  (Sort of.)  Then I just started using patterns I like, adapting them at will.  No planning of any kind went in to this project yet.   Except size.


Tangles extend beyond the margins.

I continued until I had completed all the spaces.  I did a bit of pencil shading here.  Top left and side right.  The bird is not a repeated pattern unless you have been following my drawings.  I put the bird there because it is a tree and because I like to draw birds.  Tangling is flexible as well as freeing.

step 5 color

Nervously added colors

Color is a  personal preference in this swap.  I rarely use color in my tangles, unless it is to paint the paper before I start to draw.  I always think I choose the wrong pieces to color or something.  It could just be that I really like black and white.  But I saw some quilts in Australia that were grey, yellow, and white, and began to really enjoy that combination.  After staring at the black and white version for a bit, I just picked up my yellow Tombow watercolor marker and colored in the branches.  It looked okay.


Trimmed to size and loved

But then I thought more about the grey.  I have lots of Prismacolor pencils in varying intensity of grey.  Why not?  So I colored in the rocks, the bird’s background, the googly eyes background, one band of the top curvy lines and the triangular Paradox.  Once I cut the outer edges clean I really loved this.

Note:  I think it is important to work across your established margins.  The work then bleeds off the page instead of stopping at the line.  I think.

Study in Grey & Yellow Series

Finished set of Four

Cut into four equal sections and glued to a charcoal grey cardstock.

ATC labeling

Signed and identified.

Done.  Maybe I’ll just do another.

I hope lots of folks join us in this swap.  You just send in yours with a SASE and we deal them out and sent back a mixed set from other folk.  It’s a good mailing to get.  Beginners are very welcome in this.  If you feel a bit inspired or curious about this no pressure, no talent-needed activity, then investigate Tangling.  Here, I’ll give you a template to get you started:

**************Four For One Template **************

Read the rules and sign up here.

Some great starting off sites are:

http://www.zentangle.com/  Rick and Maria invented this mania.

http://tanglepatterns.com/  Linda has amassed lots of pattern how-tos

http://www.rainbowelephant.com/ Cindy Angiel’s blog.  She has taught me so much.  She created …

http://www.lineweaving.com/forums/index.php, the community which hosts swaps and challenges with such grace and support.

Don’t forget to search for Tangles on flickr.com

Oh,  surgery went well.  Am exercising and icing still.  It is so nice to get out of the house.  The knee can handle my clutch.  Got a bit bored just after the operation, so

Knee Bandaid decorated my Bandaids.  (DD#2 shakes head and sighs here.)  Click to enlarge.

More later–


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