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Checking in

It is September . . . almost October.  We’ve been busy with family matters, but that’s all okay now.  I think about blogging, but I am not always sure that  what I am up to is interesting since it usually isn’t knitting.  But there is even some of that.

I’ve been asked to teach at the Carolina Fiber Frolic in 2014.  More on that as plans develop.  This is the weekend that Jan Smiley organizes each year in Sapphire Valley, NC.  It is always a great weekend of fun, fiber stuff,  and fabulous food.

We were in Nashville recently and went to a car show at the Frist Art Center.  It was called Sensuous Steel.

Art Deco Extraordinaire

Art Deco Extraordinaire

Cars from the 1930s. They were lavishly made and I felt a bit elegant just standing beside them.

1933 Pierce Arrow IMG_0217 IMG_0292

Click on these to see a larger view.

I am drawing and painting and gardening and planning my new screen porch.  I have been sorting Steve’s mom’s photographs and have found a treasure trove of vintage pictures to use for mixed media work.  The girls will get the originals, but I have scanned and scanned.  Check out these:

Steve's mom in her senior play.

Steve’s mom in her senior play.

HS Basketball team 1939

HS Basketball team 1939

I have mainly been working on 6 x 6 inch collages lately. I’m preparing to go to a workshop and I want to know what techniques I can do and what I reallllllly need help with. Here is one I like.

Embrace the reality of who you are

Embrace the reality of who you are

I used Photoshop to put the letters on the picture. I also used it to make the manniquins kind of wavey and ugly. Might be just a bit of jealousy there. I’m still working on this philosophy. I won’t overload your bandwidth with more examples, but you can always check out my artwork on my flickr site. Check the sidebar.

I’m working on some Halloween stuff which I will show you when I can.

Keep making things of your own.

More later–


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