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The Good News!!!!

I am a knitter.

There is so much power in those words.  A few minutes on ravelry.com, a home to over 4,000,000 knitters worldwide, will convince you of that.

Knitters help other knitters, period.  We just do.

So here is my good news.Janis

Janis, knitter, podcaster, and ARCHITECT, came over for me to help her fit her new wonderful sweater. (See above.)  We were not close friends, just acquaintances who knit together on Wednesday and share a love of Frank Gehry’s buildings. (We are a lot closer now.)

I asked her to look at the construction of the deck just so I could tell Todd Cahill of Southend Painting and Roofing that I had had an architect look at it.  She took one glance and said, “Get pen and paper.  We’re making a list.”  And we did.  That night Janis brought another architect by to see the mess.  He verified all she had said and took pictures.  He wanted to show it to a colleague.  He had never seen cedar shakes four layers thick.  Both of them were truly stunned at the quality of the job.

We also had John come by and look it over, He remodeled my kitchen with Sue Ferguson, an interior designer, and it is perfect.  He said to fire the contractor and start again.  I ran our proposed settlement offer by him which he thought was overly generous.

Then Janis steps in again and says she can put me in touch with a good contractor who can fix things and give me what I want.  I didn’t really want anything but to be weatherproof at this point.  She made me talk about what I had planned and then she drew plans for me.  She told me she would meet with the contractor to make sure he understood what I wanted.  She would also drop by when the work started just to keep an eye on things.  She offered this without fee or conditions or anything.

Janis is a knitter.

This is what knitter’s do when other knitters are in trouble.  They help.  They offer whatever skills or materials or time they have and they help.  I have seen it in person and online.  If a knitter’s house burns down, someone organizes a yarn gifting and before you know it, there is a warehouse full.  That knitter will have to have yarn to knit through the stress.

I was so beaten down by the stress of some family issues and then this abusive man,  I could no longer function.  I needed help.  The comments on my blog are just a few of the offers I received.  Debbie offered massages.  Jennifer, prayers.  Naomi lessons to remember for next time.

Janis and John will need to be paid.  They are professionals and it is the right thing to do.  However, Janis may receive payment in a particularly creative way.  That will be another good news story.

If you are a knitter, check out http://www.carolinafibergirls.com for Janis and Ann’s Podcasts.  Even if you don’t knit, check it out.  They are “good people” as we say in the southern US.  On ravelry the group is Carolina Fiber Girls.

Lots of good info there.

More good news later–


6 Responses

  1. Once agin Jane, it is a small world. I clicked on the Carolina Fiber Girls link and the other half, Ann, is a dear friend of mine. We used to work together as Labor and delivery nurses.
    I am so glad that the knitting family has come to your aid. As you said, these craft people are there for each other.

  2. That is great news, hope the first guys didn’t cost you too much!

  3. yay, Janis! She will get you on the right track! Good news it is, Jane!

  4. Good news for sure…

  5. Ahhh, nice to hear how the saga takes a turn for the better! Very cool that Janis and others have been generous with their time and talents to help you and not surprising since I know how you’ve shared your talents with others over the years! BTW, love the sweater Janis is wearing, it looks great on her.

  6. Yeah for Janis and John. I was glad to meet them tonight despite my grumpy mood.

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