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More stuff to make–Prayer Flags


Prayer flagThis is a Prayer Flag.  It is my understanding that prayer flags are a Tibetan thing.  You can Google it; I don’t have time.  I have to make more.  Anyway, the idea is to hang them outside and let the weather deteriorate them as it sends your prayers and good wishes out into the world.  If I am wrong about that, I don’t care.  I like the sentiment. 

Prayer flag UnderstandSome flags have words on them.

Prayer flag (2)Others don’t.

Notice that my flags are not hemmed or “finished” like you might some projects.  They are made with leftovers and found objects.  In a childish fit of pique, I threw away all my embroidery thread, so they are stitched with 4 thicknesses of sewing thread.  That was what I had.  Making them from stuff just lying around was important to me.  But I have truckloads of stuff just lying around waiting to become something.

Prayer flag joyThe best ingredient is the plain background on which my scraps and geegaws sit.  It is very fine cotton.  My friend Katherine came over as soon as my sewing machine was fixed–and she had waited on that longer than she felt was really necessary.  She had bought some lovely pillowcases, but they were larger than she liked and she wanted me to shorten them.  Obviously I did that by seaming across the closed end and cutting off the extra.

Here comes the best part–she tried to throw those pieces in the trash.  No!!! I yelled.  She was stunned that I wanted to save those scraps.  I don’t think she believed me when I said I would use them to make art.  ( A nice friend would not mention that she owns more scrapbook paper and supplies than Creative Memories, but I never claimed to be nice.)

Katherine’s pillow case scraps are the backing and hanging parts of my flags.Prayer flag (3)The flags are for a section on my back deck remodel.  A wonderful man designed what appears to be a doorway with no door.  It is a frame.  It carries a theme to the other side of the deck and it is the small privacy screen I wanted.  At least it will be when the space is filled with something.  He called it “Jane’s Palette” and I was blown away.  It will be a place to hang stuff I make, find, or just love.  It will change with time.  The first exhibit will be prayer flags.

Prayer flag follow blissThese are the first six.  I am working on more that are a bit different.  Just fiddling with things and having fun.  Why don’t you try this?  Or get your kids to make some.  Hang them on their walls or doors or trees.  There are no rules.  You can glue instead of sew.  Maybe you can use a glue gun without burning yourself.  I never have.  Write on them with Sharpies; paint them with leftover housepaint.  Or go buy some pretty cloth that just makes you happy.

Be happy–That’s my prayer for you and yours.

More later–


5 Responses

  1. Love this idea and yours are very thoughtful.

  2. This is great ! I am so glad you are blogging. Always enjoy reading.

  3. Having been in Tibet… Color is often symbolic in the flags… They hang everywhere… Enjoyed yours… Taking it a step forward… Missed camp this summer… Traveling in the UK and then off to Qatar and possibly Kenya… Good times… Keep up your amazing art…

  4. Love this. am so stealing this idea.

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