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New House–New Life

I’ve always wanted to live in a university town where town and gown really like each other. And now I will.

Steve is retiring and we are moving to Athens, Georgia. We are as giddy as teenagers.

We close on the new home Friday.  It is perfect for us.

 Lots of natural light.

 A screened porch and a deck.

 A studio with skylights.

We will move ____???? Retirement is in January. House has to sell. Donna Harding is my incredible real estate guru, so hope it will be soon.

Where we live in the meantime? We don’t know. Everything is day to day and I don’t care. Strange, coming from a planning Nazi. It is just part of how right this decision is.

Did you know that people over 62 can attend the University of Georgia for free? I am checking off classes in the catalog nightly.

We have spent a lot of time in Athens with my older daughter and my older grandson and their friends.  We love the foodie culture, the many arts groups and the amazing cycling. So many good things await us there, and I hope all of you who have so richly influenced my life will wish us well. I wish everyone could feel in their own lives as much joy and excitement as I feel today.

Y’all come on down. Real estate and taxes are cheap!


8 Responses

  1. I’m sorry you have to go but being near family is important. I will miss you, Jane, as you have taught me a lot about art and I appreciate that. Good luck in all your endeavors and I hope you and your husband will be happy!

  2. Oh Jane – I am so sorry to hear you are leaving and yet so excited for you both on your new adventure. Your new home is lovely and you will be the best university student around! (My mom takes courses like that too and absolutely loves it! Latin? Why not! Russian history? Sure!) you will have a blast and I know you’ll enjoy being with your family too. I will miss you and your creative spirit.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! Your new home looks lovely! I know you are excited and looking forward to your move.

  4. Hi Jane, Another new adventure awaits you, and you sound so happy about which is wonderful to hear!! Hope the move goes well, & enjoy the time you’ve spent in the current abode you’ve been in!!
    Julia – Brisbane

  5. Jane, I think your new home is spectacular! Sounds like a great move for you and your hubby. The Charlotte fiber scene will not be the same without you, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do!
    Best wishes with selling your current home, and getting moved. – Sallie

  6. Your new house looks spectacular. Hope you enjoy it to the fullest. Love to you.

  7. Charlotte will not be the same without you but so glad you will be near family and a life that makes you happy. Continue to share your art with us.

  8. Jane, Has your old home sold, or are you just moving part of your items now? We would like to move everything and then list our house, but have been advised to stay here until it sells. UGH!

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