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Hand spinning Fractal Yarn

I wanted to try fractal yarn.  Why? I don’t know; I only like solids so I can color block. I didn’t expect I would like the final product so I used some Mystery Yarn. Heaven only knows when and where I acquired it–clearly a sample pack–but it had 8 colors, so it qualified for my task.

First I separated the hunks into two equal-ish piece. So far so good.  I weighed them to make sure and planned to use 3-5 grams of each color.

Then I laid them out in the order I wanted.  (These are not the colors I would have chosen, but beggars can’t be . . . .

Next I placed the second set of fibers in the reverse order of colors.  This seems simple, but I majored in stupid mistakes.  I’m also ADD.  So–I photographed them for future reference and double checked as I added a new color.

Normally I would have just jumped in and started spinning. However, I went to Jan Smiley’s Carolina Fiber Fling recently and took two classes from Martha Owens, Spinning Icon.  No more willy nilly,  seat of the pants spinning for me. I been educated.

I prepared the first color and spun a sample to decide how I wanted the yarn to look.

Fractal spin info card

I taped the sample to a card. Forgot to list the whorl.  Ratio?  What’s that?  Note I sprayed the yarn with baby oil before prepping it.  It was a bit sticky and wouldn’t draft well.

Some of the pieces were top and some were roving.  I like woolen yarn so I carded some of the tops.  Actually I carded all of them to get more air into the yarn. (More air = more warmth)

I used 29 grams of fiber and after plying I had 73.5 yards of OMG beautiful yarn.


Just out out of the degreasing wash.


Dried on a stair post in the back yarn.

Totally surprised that I love it. Needs to become a cowl.

More later–


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  1. Beautiful.

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