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Using all those vacation photos

Returned from Arizona-Utah trip with 607 pictures of rocks and about 30 pics of people.  The new iPad camera is fabulous.  It’s hard to take a bad picture, but I managed to do so–deleted about half the rock pictures.  Selecting which of the other to keep had more to do with art-making than with geology.  Here are a few that I really like.


The Three Gossips

This last one is of a formation named “The Three Gossips.”  The photo isn’t great.  Too far away and too much zoom.  But it is enough to help me create my version.

Three Gossips in process

It’s not quite finished and it’s not perfect, but I’ve enjoyed working on it.  I just wish I had used the better paper.  Maybe I’ll do it again on the Arches block.




Toby’s Sweater

Toby is dancing with joy about her sweater.  I am behind the camera doing the same thing.
Toby came to my door to show me her first original design.  She says she used the tools from my Top Down class to layout and then knit this sweater.  (picture me beaming)

The neck trim is adorable.  Just a slight ruffle.  The yoke is linen stitch which is very stable as well as looks special.

She repeated the linen st and the ruffle on the cuff

and on the bottom of the sweater.

I’ll get a picture of her soon wearing it.  She swears it is a perfect, custom fit.

That’s how I think all sweaters should be.

HEADS UP!  Remi says the Cotton Classic Lite should be in by the end of the week.

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