Grecian Edging Tutorial

I call this Grecian Edging because it mimics a border of snakes I first saw on a statue in Greece.  The loops are made by knitting strips of stockinette stitch and allowing the fabric to curl naturally into a tube, much like a rolled hem.  The strips are attached to the main piece by means of a three needle join (no binding off) and then the next strip begins.

My capelette had 195 sts at the bottom, so I used a 5 stitch strip and skipped 5 sts before joining it to the capelette.  I would recommend determining how wide your strips should be by looking at a number which will divide into your stitch count an odd number of times.

195/5 = 19   This allowed me to knit the first strip on the first five sts and to secure the last strip to the last 5 sts of the bottom.  I would recommend that  once you have determined the number of stitches per strip (X) that you knit a wrong side row in which you

*Purl X sts, bind off X sts; repeat from *, ending purl X sts.

I did not do this.  I left my skipped sts live and did a sewn bind off at the end.  I also tacked the strips flat at the end when I blocked the final piece.

Here are my steps:

1.  With the Right Side of the project facing you, begin at the right hand side and knit X number of stitches in stockinette st for as many rows as you determine to get the look you want.  After trying a few numbers I determined I needed 5 sts and 29 rows.  You must end after a RS row.

2.  Skip the number of stitches decided upon, I skipped 5, and place the next X number of stitches onto a new needle.  Bend the strip upward and around until you can place the strip stitches against the edge stitches with Wrong Sides together.  The working yarn should be on the right hand side of the strip needle ready for knitting.  If is isn’t, work one more row of the strip.

3.  Insert a third needle into the first stitch of both the strip needle and the edge needle, and knit these two stitches together.  This is exactly how you would begin a Three Needle Bind off EXCEPT . . .. . . you do NOT bind off the stitches.  You just knit them onto the new needle.4.  You should have the same number of stitches on your needle as you knit for your first strip.  You just begin again to knit your determined number of rows, skip the stitches and attach as described in steps 2 and 3.

5.  When you attach the final strip, you will do a Three Needle Bind off to finish the work.

FYI–this is what my edging looked like before I did the sewn bind off for the stitches I skipped.I had planned to add some small black beads to these live stitches to add weight to the edge of the shawl, but I change my mind.


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