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Free Knit Class

Wine Stains, the afghan, will be there.

Well, it’s sort of a class.  I am doing the program for the Charlotte Knitting Guild Tuesday night.  The guild meets at Providence Baptist Church on Randolph Road.  The program will start about 7pm.  You can bring your dinner if you wish.  More details about the guild are on their website.

For those of you who used to attend and haven’t been around in a while, things have changed.  So many new faces and a great atmosphere for all knitters.  The officers the last few years have been great—I can say this because I am no longer one of them.  Big plans are underway to bring one of my favorite teachers here next year for a retreat.  You won’t want to miss this opportunity for a knitting adventure that is affordable (the guild is non-profit) and close to home.  Members get to sign up first, so you may want to consider.

Anyway,  you want to see my program.  They told me to do a program on Applique.  Seems this year’s program theme is Embellishments.  (I hear a member of the embroidery guild is coming soon,)  What the *&(?  Applique??? I questioned Davey some more and discovered that this topic grew from my interest in freeform knitting and some repairs I have made in the past.  Then I knew exactly what to do.  First I will redefine applique, then I will show you lots and lots of ways to use it.  I’ll give you some tips so you will not need to make the mistakes I made in the past and I’ll turn you on to millions of megabites of free patterns and resources.  Lots of free in there.  Also lots of fun.

Bring whatever you are working on in public to work on while I present.  I take it personally if you don’t knit while I talk.

Oh, I promised to tell you about Katherine’s sweater alterations.  I will as soon as she tries on the latest “idea” and I can finish it.  Taking 4 inches out of each underarm when you don’t have a seam is not easy.  Especially when the yarn in cotton and linen.  But I CAN do it.  I think I can, I think I can.

Please do come to the guild meeting as my guest this Tuesday.  It’s a chance to meet some really nice new knitters and to catch up with old friends.


Short rows at the Guild

The Charlotte Knitting Guild invited me to do a program on short rows.  I sent all the members instructions for starting hats and other projects, but then I began scrumbling again and things changed.  I stumbled over a picture of a swatch (scroll down) from the wonderful Nona of Nona Knits and Nona Swatches and changed the program entirely.

Loaded up with extra yarns and needles I went to Guild and invited them to not only learn the basic wrap and turn, but to do it with pizazz.  Those who already knew how to do short rows had a bigger challenge—do something unexpected.  I saw great success and no one left bug eyed or confused.  Okay, maybe I should re-evaluate my standards, but if it ain’t fun, why are you here?

Here are some of the evening’s products:

Followed directions well for a first timer.

This one, too.

Do this sideways for asymmetrical slimming stripes.

Remembering the rules about joining colors to garter--and ignoring them.

Clever use of marker for RS---LOVE these colors.

Cristi threw in some lace--nice.

Heather created an intarsia effect. I will copy this.

Thanks to everyone who was there.  I hope you had as much fun as I did.  Just in case you want some more references to short rows, try these:





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